Eenigenburg, The Netherlands

Eenigenburg is located along the west coast of The Netherlands, approximately 30 miles northwest of Amsterdam and about 3 miles inland from the North Sea.

Today, there are approximately 50 farm houses, a tiny church and a café in the village…and of course, a museum!!

During 1989, the village of Eenigenburg celebrated its 700th year since Count Floris V came to power. This is considered the official “founding” of the village, although scientific findings suggest the first human contact in the area may date as early as the Stone Age.

The Village of Eenigenburg near the coast of the North Sea 

Today, native Eenigenburgs cannot be found locally in Eenigenburg, nor elsewhere in The Netherlands, because in 1849 they all emigrated to America.

The village enjoys the Dutch equivalent of historic landmark status and as such carries strict covenants. Simply getting the necessary approvals for building the museum was a challenging task.

The church – a symbolic Eenigenburg scene.

The extraordinary vision and dedication of the wonderful residents of Eenigenburg, and their commitment to creating the Eenigenburg Museum, is legendary.  Together they have given many hundreds of hours of time, and much financial support, to realize their dream of creating a successful museum.  We congratulate them on – and thank them for – their outstanding accomplishments with this museum.