Massachusetts of Boston Replica
The party of 15 emigrant families traveled to America in 1849 on the Massachusetts of Boston. Commissioned in 1845, the three-masted sailing ship was considered one of the most remarkable vessels of its time. It was capable of beating other well-known ships by 13 days across the Atlantic.

The Eenigenburg Museum will house a magnificent replica of this historic ship. Following an extensive search of shipyard archives, the original drawings were located in a shipyard in Liverpool, England. Cor Beemsterboer, chairman and treasurer of the Eenigenburg Stichting (the foundation for the museum), conducted the search, and at his own expense, commissioned a woodworker in Indonesia to craft a replica.

The Massachusetts of Boston replica in the Museum, with Cor Beemsterboer

The ship’s replica stands two meters tall and is three meters long. It’s a stunningly beautiful, accurate copy of the original.

Can’t you just imagine the scene of our ancestors, filled with hope, as they boarded the beautiful ship for new lives in America?

Massachusetts of Boston April 24, 1849 Passenger List

The 1849 emigrant party of 15 Dutch families (numbering 64 in total) from the area around Eenigenburg included the following individuals. Also listed below are the 17 who lost their lives. (Note: there was also another party on board, headed for another location, who suffered the additional loss of 38 lives.)

  • Pieter De Jong, his wife, Trijntje Dalenberg, and five children
  • Jakob De Jong, his wife, Geertje Eenigenburg, and eight children
  • Cornelis Kuyper, his wife, Maartje Dalenberg, and six children
  • Gerrit Eenigenburg, his wife, Jannetje Ton, and four children
  • Hark Eenigenburg, his wife, Aaltje den Toom, and two children
  • Klaas Dalenberg, his wife, Trijntje Hoogendunk, and two children
  • Cornelis Dalenberg, (a widower and father of Mrs. Pieter 'Trijntje' De Jong, Mrs. Cornelis 'Maartje' Kuyper, Klaas Dalenberg, and their unmarried brother, Pieter Dalenberg)
  • Pieter Dalenberg
  • Cornelis Hoogendunk,(a widower and father of Mrs. Klaas 'Trijntje' Dalenberg)
  • Pieter Oudendijk, his wife, Jannetje, and their daughter Jan Jonker, his wife Pietertje Veldhuizen, and two children
  • Johannes Ambuul, his wife, Aaltje Van der Veen, and one child
  • Jan Ton, unmarried young man of 23
  • Jan Bras, his wife, Aaltje Komen, and their daughter


Joining the party in Rotterdam (from Nieuwmansdorp in the Province of South Holland) were:

  • Leendert Van der Sijde, his wife, Lijntje Van Steenberg, and four children


The 17 individuals that lost their lives at sea to Asiatic Cholera included:

  • Cornelis Hoogendunk
  • Cornelis Dalenberg
  • Pieter Oudendijk
  • Mrs. Klaas Dalenberg and one child
  • Four children of Cornelis Kuyper
  • Three children of Jakob De Jong
  • Three children of Gerrit Eenigenburg
  • Two children of Johannes Ambuul


Depiction of the Funeral at Sea on the Massachusetts of Boston