The Eenigenburg Museum

Eenigenburg History Preserved
The Eenigenburg Museum is exciting for our family.  How many families can claim a village that carries its ancestral name, not to mention a museum filled with history to carry out its legacy!!

From the magnificent, three-meter long replica of the Massachusetts of Boston… to the rich history of the village of Eenigenburg… to the inspiring story of early pioneer life and the Eenigenburg family today… the museum brings our family’s story to life as never before. 

But there is more …  
Today, the museum is an important tourism site in The Netherlands.  In addition to the Eenigenburg family history, it also includes:

The beautifully restored workman’s cottage that was the home of the late village historian, Klaas van Schonefeld, and displays much of his life work

A fascinating exhibit on religious persecution over hundreds of years, (one of the compelling reasons the Eenigenburg family left Holland in 1849)

The history of the region in Holland where the village of Eenigenburg lies;

The Neuendorn Castle site and its history

New exhibits annually, and  more.  Even the local artists have showcased their beautiful work. 

The museum is a labor of love, which could not have been possible without the constant dedication and work of the villagers themselves.  Over this time, the partnership with the Eenigenburg Family has been legendary.  The family has supported the museum with contributions totaling over $19,000 in cash, and the friendship remains strong.

Three Primary Phases   
The museum, as it exists today, has been built over a dozen years, in three primary phases:

Phase I – The beautifully restored workman’s cottage

Phase II – The Documentation Center – which houses many of the exhibits, including the Eenigenburg Family in America exhibit

Phase III – A modern third building opened in Spring 2014