Eenigenburg Village/Eenigenburg Family Ties
While it is difficult to know when the first Eenigenburg visited the village and posed for a photograph at the village sign, the connection has strengthened in recent years.

Early members to visit the village were met warmly by village historian Klaas van Schoenveld and other villagers, and a correspondence continued for many years.

Family members attended the 700 Year Anniversary Celebration in Eenigenburg in 1989, the opening of the first phase of the Eenigenburg Museum in 2002, the Grand Opening of the Museum in 2006, and individuals continue to visit occasionally.

Likewise, numerous villagers have visited America.  The most noteworthy being when a delegation of 10 attended the 1999 Eenigenburg Family Reunion in America, marking 150 years since the family emigrated.  Some of these villagers returned in 2014 for the 165th anniversary of the emigration.

As the Eenigenburg Museum was built, nearly $20,000 was raised among the family to support it.  Plus, at the request of the villagers, the “Eenigenburg Family in America” museum exhibit was created in the U.S.

Truly, it is a small world, and it is our desire that these ties will continue for many years to come.