Phase I & 2002 Opening
As one of only two of its kind remaining in Holland, the small workman’s cottage is an artifact itself.  Phase I entailed a complete renovation, where it was dismantled brick-by-brick and perfectly restored to its original mid-1800’s condition. 

The painstakingly detailed work was performed by skilled, yet all volunteer labor from the village.  The beautiful little home was formerly the residence of Klaas van Schoneveld – the village historian who passed away on American soil while attending the 1999 Eenigenburg Family Reunion.

May 5, 2002 Phase I Opening   
It was blustery and cold, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the 110 hardy souls that gathered for the Phase I Eenigenburg Museum opening.  It was an excellent turnout for a village of only 50+ homes. 

The 45-minute outdoor ceremony – mostly in Dutch and West Friesian, but translated into English – included acknowledging the workers, presentations of new funding, unveiling a status of Klaas van Schoneveld, and a rousing concert by some young Eenigenburg  villagers.