Phase II & Grand Opening
Phase II of the museum includes a beautiful documentation center that includes various exhibits.  Among them, is an exhibit entitled:  “The Eenigenburg Family in America.”  It chronicles the 1849 emigration from Holland and settlement of the Roseland area in Chicago, IL.  A beautiful, replica (3 meters long by 2 meters high) of the Massachusetts of Boston, created from the original drawings, completes the compelling story.

The documentation center itself took a tremendous effort to build.  Once permitting was finally secured (not a small feat), it was built in the same professional quality manner as the rest of the museum – and again with all volunteer labor from the villagers.  The Eenigenburg Family in America exhibit was actually created in the United States by Jill Eenigenburg, with the support of other family members and organizations.

Of course, the museum is much more than just the Eenigenburg Family exhibit.  See the introductory section on the Eenigenburg Museum for greater detail.

Museum Grand Opening – May 20, 2006 

In the midst of a blustery, rainy week, the clouds parted just in time for a sunny, albeit windy, opening ceremony in the beautiful garden of the Eenigenburg Museum.

Guests arriving at the museum for the opening ceremonies.
Museum documentation center in forefront, and historic home in rear.

A delegation of 21 U.S. Eenigenburg family members joined the villagers that had built the museum, and local dignitaries. Even the U.S. Embassy was represented.

Eenigenburg Family Members – (l to r): Al Tysen, Jean Bristow, Terry Williams,
 Pat Tysen, Merritt Bethig, Maureen Williams, Joan Weamer, Jill Eenigenburg,
Deborah Weamer Galambos, Jon Eenigenburg, Paul Eenigenburg, Kurt Kosty, 
 Pat Eenigenburg, Chuck Turngren, Carole Turngren, Bill Heintz, Sharon Heintz,
David Turngren, Diane Eenigenburg, Bob Eenigenburg.
 Photo taken by American friend, Amber Carroll.

At the ceremony, museum foundation secretary, Bart Jansma, began with a welcome before introducing municipality mayor, Enno Brommet, who spoke of an important museum theme – religious freedom. The mayor’s remarks were in English in honor of the family. Foundation chairman, Cor Beemsterboer spoke about the museum, the volunteers, and the tremendous overall effort. Both Dutch and American flags flew high.

Mayor Enno Brommet, with Bart Jansma and Cor Beemsterboer at right.

On behalf of the family in America, and representing the visiting delegation, Jill Eenigenburg presented a gift of funds, and an engraved wall plaque with the following inscription in both Dutch and English:

Our eternal gratitude
to the villagers of Eenigenburg
for creating a truly wonderful museum
and helping to preserve our heritage.

The Eenigenburg Family in America
20 May 2006

Jill Eenigenburg , presenting the commemorative plaque from the
Eenigenburg family. It is on display in the museum.

Rounding out the program was a lovely performance by the Eenigenburg Chorus.